I would describe Dr. Yale as a top-notch physician who is also extremely personable and helpful. At one point, early in my treatment I had an insurance coverage issue with some lab work. Dr. Yale took personal interest in the issue, working with the lab to resolve the problem. Haven't seen to many doctors go over & above like that.

I've been very impressed with thoroughness of the examination, the well-considered diagnosis, and the comprehensive treatment. The staff excels in each of their areas of expertise. My condition has shown steady and significant improvement.

Very helpful with an ongoing issue that other doctors couldn't solve. Extremely knowledgeable.

Quality care and great interpersonal skills in a professional environment.

Very professional, pleasant and efficient operation. Dr. Yale was wonderful to work with and his staff should be commended for their work ethic. Overall wonderful experience.

Fantastic experience. I was seen right away with no waiting. Dr. Kassaris was very personable and explained everything to me.

- Peter H.

A wonderful Doctor! Easily one of the best Dr.’s (Dr. Curesky) I have ever been to. I don’t know what I expected going to a Podiatrist, but she exceeded my expectations on all levels. Her prescribed therapy seems to be working and her bedside manner and ability to make you feel comfortable is second to none. I would highly recommend her in the Fairfield County area.

I had let a serious ingrown toenail go for weeks longer than I should which created an infection I could feel throughout my leg. Dr. Yale and his staff quickly took care of my issue and I was pain and infection free within a day.

Excellent service, explained everything she was doing and my options moving forward. Very pleasant manner. Dr. Powers really seemed to care.

Dr. Powers has been treating my elderly mother's foot condition. She is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything so we always understood what she was doing. Dr. Powers has a pleasant personality and is very reassuring in her approach. Our family highly recommends Dr. Powers.

Dr. Kelly Powers was AWESOME! I look forward to my next appointment with her. Dr. Powers took expert care of me explaining and answering every question I had. I highly recommend her professional and personal skills to anyone seeking a podiatrist! I never write reviews, but after my experience I couldn't resist. My usual experience at most Doctors offices these days is being rushed out of the appointment without the information I was looking for, feeling like another statistic. An honest consultation seems to be that of a dinosaur.

I am glad I have this opportunity to write my experience. Upon my first appointment, the receptionists were extremely helpful. It was my first visit. I only waited a week to see a doctor and then they even called to fit me in sooner. Now that is big.
I met Doctor Sparta. I am so impressed with her. She actually made me feel she cared. She smiled as she explained what was happening to my foot. I am doing everything s she has suggested and her assistant was helpful as well to explain how to apply the medication. All and all I have to say; I wish all my doctor appointments were as fulfilling.

Dr. Powers will take the time to explain what she is going to do and why. She has great skill with a knife and is painless which is great, she is very detailed orientated and covers all the bases. I recommended to my daughter to go to her she found the same attributes

I have been having difficulty with my neuroma for quite some time now. What's worse is I am still very active athletically, so when the flare ups occur it is very painful. After receiving a referral from a friend, I stopped in to see Dr. Kassaris. My appointment with him was the best I've had with any doctor in recent memory. He took the time to listen to me, and provided extensive detail on all my options. For the first time in a long time, I left a doctor’s office with clarity and hope. Hats off, Dr. Kassaris. You, sir, are a true professional!

- Jesse H.

I was extremely comfortable with Dr. Curesky. Feet are an embarrassing part of your body that can also be very painful. When corrected properly you have instant relief. She put me at ease and instantly I was pain free.

Very helpful and reassuring about my situation. Very nice as well. (Dr. Powers)

Always makes me feel very comfortable! Listens attentively. I wouldn't want to be seen by anyone else! (Dr. Powers)

Dr. Kelly Powers far exceeded my expectations the moment she walked in the door. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable. My examination room was like I was in a classroom and she was the teacher as she explained everything she was doing and I left feeling like I could explain every bone, joint in my foot as she explained it. I was not left in the dark and knew what was going to happen and the reason for it! I really enjoyed being her patient.

Awesome! Highly recommend, excellent care first time to a foot doctor and felt at ease due to her (Dr. Kelly Powers). Great staff!

I got caught by Wart in August during a trip to Ocean city MD, due to exposure to bay crabbing area and long drive against my heel. I was initially reluctant to see a doctor until it becomes extremely painful. I went to see a few doctors before I finally got a chance to see Dr. Yale, because the appointment was not easily scheduled. Before seeing Dr. Yale, I was diagnosed as callus by a surgeon doctor at an emergency health care center, who promised the pain will go away after 1 week. Obviously, that didn't happen and after 10 days, when it is not getting any better, I rushed to see a podiatrist in Darien, who did not have a good review, only 3.5/5. I simply couldn't wait one week to see Dr. Yale, and the other doctor was available the next day. I was diagnosed correctly as to be Wart, but the treatment was not very good and an expensive cream cost $200 for only 6 usages (0.3g/each) was prescribed and used. It didn't get any better either and I called that facility asking typically a wart like this will take how long to be cured, and the answer was 5-8 treatments every 2-3 weeks, and I gave up. I finally called Associated Podiatrists of Fairfield, and was scheduled to see Dr. Abraham Yale. Unbelievably, after only one single treatment which cost $36 after insurance co-pay, my wart was gone. I spent out of my own pocket for ~$600 after seeing three doctors who couldn't do any good to my foot, and was finally treated properly by Dr. Yale. He did mention the wart is deep inside and not easy to be treated, but he did anyhow. Excellent doctor and I would highly recommend him. Good doctor does not equal expensive medical expenses.

I came to Dr. Kelly Powers for an ingrown toenail. It was the first time I'd be having surgery, although minor, I was nervous. She eased my nerves and walked me through the procedure. Did a wonderful job and super nice and knowledgeable.

Dr. Kelly Powers is fantastic! She was very thorough and explained everything to my very nervous 10-year-old son. We highly recommend her to everyone and the office staff was great as well.

Dr. Kelly Powers is great. She's very thorough and very professional. She explains everything in detail. Excellent doctor. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Powers was very friendly and made my time there easy and enjoyable!

Dr. Sparta is a joy! Congenial, thorough and genuine, may be most pleasant doc appt ever.

Wonderful experience some times when you think of doctors you think the worse like they will judge you even when it comes to touching your feet she (Dr. Curesky) was perfect explaining everything and making me very comfortable Thank you so much

Dedicated and Caring. Dr. Powers goes well beyond what's expected. She puts the patient at ease.

I have had numerous foot problems over the years, as I am getting up there in years, and have been seen by many podiatrists. Dr. Powers was by far the most knowledgeable and caring doctor I have been to. Very kind and professional. Could not be more pleased with her attention to my foot issues.

I have always found Dr. Yale to be knowledgeable, pleasant, professional and correct in his assessments. I feel very lucky and privileged to be under the care of this doctor.

Dr. Kelly Powers is awesome! I saw her as a new patient, and she patiently took her time to explain everything to me. Her care and compassion is truly an asset to this practice!

I found Dr. Yale to be very pleasant, informative and knowledgeable. He patiently answered all of my concerns and made me feel at ease. Dr. Yale's office is efficiently organized. The office will remain my doctors!!

This was my first visit at Associated Podiatrists in Fairfield. Everyone was very nice and Dr. Yale was very knowledgeable in discussing my options.

Great all around. Great doctor (Dr. Kassaris), helpful staff, on time doctor, little waiting.

Saw her for the first time yesterday, and Dr. Powers was awesome! Caring & informative. Great doc!

Dr. Yoo is very knowledgeable, kind, and definitely knows how to talk to seniors

Dr. Khristine Sparta, DPM, CWS is truly a wonderful Dr. She is caring and explains everything in detail and answers all questions you may have. She has helped me tremendously with my medical condition!

I have been very satisfied with Dr. Yale and his staff. I went to him after an orthopedic surgeon told me the only treatment for my neuroma was surgery, which I wanted to avoid. Dr. Yale successfully treated the neuroma with alcohol injections, then corrected my hammertoe. He is very competent and encourages questions. I had occasion to see another doctor in his practice and was happy with her as well. His staff is friendly and professional, and appointment times are respected. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good podiatrist.

I am so glad that I found Dr. Yale. The office staff is great. Whenever I call or walk in, it's like they are waiting for me and have all of my information available right away. They are friendly and answer all of my questions. When I first visited the office, I knew that surgery would be brought up but Dr. Yale made me feel comfortable about having the surgery. He answered all of my questions and did not rush the visit. Prior to surgery I was terrified after reading about peoples' experiences online with the same surgery (different doctor) but my experience was great! It was nothing like what I had read and I did not feel pain or have any issues. I have no problem referring Dr. Yale if you are in need of a good podiatrist.

Dr. Kassaris was very knowledgeable and a very personable doctor. Staff was very pleasant. Would definitely recommend this place!

LOVE Dr. Sparta! She's very helpful and explained everything in great detail and VERY clearly! My family and I always get great care with Dr. Sparta. Thank you for everything!

Prior to coming to Dr. Yale, I was unable to walk due to issues with multiple problems regarding my foot. But after his care, I am 100% better and very happy!

Nicest staff in all of Fairfield County doctor's offices!

Dr. Yale,

Thank you for your wonderful care. The surgery was one that went very smoothly - now I wonder why I stood the pain so long before my foot surgery! You are very gentle, kind and caring - and fun. After surgery care you always were available. I thank you and your caring office staff. Thank you so much for your professional care. I rate you a ten! Thank you.
- Marie S.

Dr. Kassaris was very helpful in diagnosing my foot injury and correcting it. He was easy to communicate with and willing to answer any questions I had. Overall, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a podiatrist.

- Joanna H.

Dr. Kassaris,

Just want to thank you for taking such good care of my son, Thomas, when he had the ingrown nail removed. You and your staff were all wonderful and professional from the moment we walked into your office.



As a recovering Corrective Foot Surgery patient of Dr. Kassaris of Associated Podiatrists of Fairfield. CT, I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Kassaris as a talented, professional Podiatrist & Surgeon. I am very favorably impressed by his positive energy, caring demeanor and professional abilities. Six weeks after bunion surgery (as predicted) I am walking pain free!!

- K. Ralston

Greetings, I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for 3 things. 1) the incredible customer/client centricity of your office, 2) I was operated on both feet by Dr. Kassaris - who also fitted me for orthotics - and I am now back to running and enjoying a great life, 3) Chris recommended a PT specialist to get me 'pushed' to heal. Paddy's therapist Konstantina Paschalides pushed me to heal but in a very controlled and professional mode. Many thanks to both of your organizations.

- Maurice J.

Dear Dr. Kassaris,

I would like to thank you for treating my feet on Wednesday. Your compassion and generosity is deeply appreciated. Thank you again.

- Stephanie R.

Dr. Yale,

"I have been your patient since September of 2008 as you know. I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you have provided to my special foot condition. The improvement in my toe nails is dramatic and I'm very pleased with the progress. Too often in our daily lives we forget to thank the people that do a great job. You have done a terrific service for me! If you ever need a patient recommendation, I would be happy to provide that for you."

- Philip P.

I wanted to send all of you a quick thank you note. I found myself in your office last week with no appointment and a sore toe (still in denial that it was a wart!) Your staff took me in and provided the best, most friendly service I think I've ever received! I actually would have preferred to hang out with all of you then to head into work. My follow up visit a week later was just as great. Dr. Kassaris and all of the girls at the desk are simply fantastic! This is the one doctor's office I look forward to returning to! I'll refer all of my friends to your office and will even tell my PCP about your office in the hopes that they will refer additional patients your way. Thank you so much!!

- N. Toolen.

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